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OEM/ ISV Services

Customer Success

The sale begins the Journey-

What happens from here defines the type of relationship that you have with your customer.  We understand that it is key to help the customer find early value in your offering. Onboarding, adoption, and ROI are keys to the longevity of your customer relationships.  Allow us to fortify your company with the CSR resource(s) that fit your specific need.  Our flexible consumption model allows for a plan highly customized to fit the specific needs of our customers.  

Advanced operations "as a service"

Our Client Operations Managers have spent years in advanced Operations roles. Rooted in Project Governance, our COMs will optimize your customer relationships, identify and mitigate operational risks, and prioritize your business at the vendor level.  Our Client Success Managers carry deep expertise in the areas of Factory Allocation and Prioritization, B2B, Global Constraint Management, Shipping and Logistics, Global Procurement and more.

It's simple, proactive engagement leads to a better customer experience. Don't leave this to chance. Allow our COMs to create a customized operational success plan for your most important relationships. 

Technology consulting services 

The right technology enables productive business outcomes. Our technology consultants have years of experience connecting the right technology solutions with the right business outcomes. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of the technology landscape. Our technology consultants are the perfect augment to your sales teams.

gtm/channel development services 

Channel Development-Bridge brings years of experience and expertise in channel development, channel marketing and execution.  There are plenty of companies that can help guide you through your channel development plan.  What sets us apart is our 'Real World' approach.  Our team brings of experience with Channel programs that run the gamut from Start-up to Global 500.  Our team has lived through the launch and execution of dozens of channel programs. Allow us to guide you through the journey, help develop your plan, profile and segment your  partners and execute. 


Launch-So you have a great product or service what? We can align the right GTM strategies to create an effective launch.  Let's talk about what that means for your company.  There is not a silver bullet 'One Size Fits all' approach to effectively creating markets.  Allow us to learn the intricacies of your business and develop a plan that aligns with the outcomes that drive real impact. 

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